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Medisave top-up to cover MediShield Life premiums 'reassuring': Lim Swee Say

Employers will have to look into minimising duplication between insurance plans bought for staff and proposed scheme, NTUC chief adds.

SINGAPORE: The recommendations spelt out by the MediShield Life Review Committee are welcomed by the labour movement, said NTUC Secretary-General Lim Swee Say on Friday (June 6).

Although there are concerns over premiums increasing, it is “reassuring” to the workers that the committee said that the additional Medisave contributions by employers from next year will be sufficient to cover premium increases, said Mr Lim.

However, he said the duplication between the insurance schemes bought by firms for their staff and MediShield Life will be increased with the removal of the S$300,000 lifetime claim limit.

Thus, the union believes it is “timely” for them to refocus on the portable medical benefit scheme to reduce such duplication, as response to the scheme has been limited so far, said Mr Lim.

Under the scheme, a company offers a portable medical plan where the cover continues for the worker even after he retires.

The MediShield Life Review Committee on Thursday recommended substantial increases in benefits for the insurance scheme  from the end of next year, with the aim of covering all Singaporeans who face large hospital bills.

Many of the claim limits will go up: Apart from the removal of the S$300,000 lifetime claim limit and raising the annual cap, the committee also recommended higher daily claim limits for normal and intensive-care wards in hospitals, as well as better coverage for chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer.

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