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MediShield Life a major step forward, says PM Lee

Affordability of premiums for the insurance scheme must "never be an issue" for Singaporeans, says Mr Lee Hsien Loong, speaking in New York.

NEW YORK: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, speaking in the United States where he is on a working trip, called the MediShield Life recommendations "a major step forward in enhancing our social safety nets", and emphasised the need to ensure that affordability of premiums for the insurance scheme is "never an issue" for Singaporeans.

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Said Mr Lee, speaking on Thursday night (June 26) ahead of the release of the recommendations: "I think the committee has done a good job. This is a very complex proposal. We have to get the details right, we have to make sure that the premiums are affordable.  We must make sure there is support for the groups which need the support.

" I think that the committee has done their best to look into all these aspects and to make sure that the scheme that we have is a good one.

"The key point is that this is proposal which covers all Singaporeans. It will give you better protection against bigger medical bills. You will have to pay somewhat more premiums but the premiums are affordable. And in particular, the premiums will be payable within the amount of medisave contribution which you will be making.

"Over time as costs change, as premiums change, we will make sure that it can be paid out of Medisave and therefore affordability should never be an issue."

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