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MediShield Life a major shift in healthcare financing framework: Gan

MediShield Life goes beyond healthcare and insurance and reflects a society that is inclusive, caring and progressive, says Health Minister Gan Kim Yong. 

SINGAPORE: Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said a good healthcare system must be cost-effective, accessible to all, and sustainable for current and future generations - and called MediShield Life a "decisive step" towards this objective.

"The introduction of MediShield Life is a major shift in our healthcare financing framework," said Mr Gan in Parliament on Tuesday (July 8).

"The idea of MediShield Life goes beyond healthcare and insurance. It is a reflection of the kind of society we want to build: A more inclusive society ... and a more caring society."

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Mr Gan called the national insurance scheme "a bold move to strengthen collective responsibility", with everyone chipping in to cover those with pre-existing conditions and helping the less well-off through premium subsidies and financial assistance, and risk-pooling through insurance and family support.

Healthcare is taking increasing prominence in the national budget, with Mr Gan noting that the Government’s spending on healthcare will double to about S$8 billion this year from three years ago. The Government has also committed another S$8 billion for the Pioneer Generation Package.

"I want to assure Members that those who need help with premiums will always receive support," Mr Gan said, pointing to premium subsidies for the Pioneer Generation, lower-to-middle-income households and Transitional Subsidies.

"In fact, after Government subsidies, total MediShield Life premiums for most households will remain within annual Medisave inflows, with no additional cash outlay required."

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