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MHA promotes Home Team officers

Ministry of Home Affairs promotes Home Team officers, including one who handled the Kovan double-murder and the kidnapping of the Sheng Siong CEO's mother.

SINGAPORE: Passion - that was the common theme amongst the Home Team officers promoted by the Ministry of Home Affairs today. 

One of them is Assistant Commissioner of Police Adrian Quek, who moved up from the rank of Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police. AC Quek, who has been with the Singapore Police Force for nearly 21 years, is currently with the Criminal Investigation Department, where he is assistant director of the Major Crime Division.

He has handled several significant cases recently. These include the murders at Kovan, the discovery of a headless body in a canal in Whampoa, and the alleged kidnap of the mother of Sheng Siong CEO Lim Hock Chee.

Said Quek: "Policing work is very tough and challenging. But yet, very gratifying, as the work that we do has a direct impact on the lives of many other people. What keeps me going is this deep passion to solve all cases.

"Fighting crime requires a great amount of team effort. And I'm privileged to have been a part of a team of officers who are both individually and collectively motivated and driven towards fulfilling our mission."

Another officer who is promoted is Feeroz Nor. He has risen from the rank of Senior Station Inspector 2 to Inspector. He is currently with the Central Narcotics Bureau, where he trains younger officers in investigation work.

"When you are passionate about what you do, you'll be positive. You'll be able to conduct your work professionally," he said.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Kok Weng Chew from the Singapore Prison Service says he tries to impart values to inmates through his work. Superintendent Chew rose from the rank of Deputy Superintendent 2.

"Through my daily interaction with the inmates, first and foremost, what I always tell them is to be responsible for their actions. Whenever they do something, they should think through their actions first. There are always consequences and impacts to the people around them, to society," said Kok.

One of the female officers promoted was Ang Mei Qi. She rose from the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police 2, to Deputy Superintendent of Police 1. DSP Ang said she chose the police force as she did not want a desk-bound job.

Ang said that female officers are an "asset to the force". 

"For example, when attending to cases, some of the victims may be female. And they may not be very comfortable to share what happened, with the male officers."

Another newly-promoted officer from the Singapore Civil Defence Force is Abdul Razak Senin. He was promoted from Lieutenant 1 to Lieutenant 2. He is currently with the SCDF's Marine Command Headquarters - a posting where among other things, he manages the logistical requirements of the division.  

"When I was young, my ambition was always to be a policeman. But when I was 18, I was offered a job with SCDF.  I have no regrets because the underlying mission is still the same, whether I'm with the police force, or SCDF. And I am glad I can still contribute within SCDF and to Singapore," he said. 

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