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Monitor lizard at Jurong East Swimming Complex removed by pest control

The pool has been cleaned and water quality tests were run to ensure the pool is fit for patrons' use, says Sport Singapore, which manages the swimming complex.  

SINGAPORE: A monitor lizard spotted taking a leisurely swim at Jurong East Swimming Complex's lazy river on Monday (Feb 13) has been captured and released.

Facebook user Enul Uhibbuki posted a video of the incident on Tuesday and the video has garnered more than 3,000 shares as of Wednesday evening.

According to Sport Singapore, which manages the swimming complex, the metre-long monitor lizard was spotted at about 3pm on Monday when the swimming complex was closed for its weekly pool maintenance. 

Sport Singapore added that only staff, contractors and cleaners were present when the monitor lizard was sighted, and no one was hurt. Its pest control vendor who was on-site captured the animal and released it into the wild. 

The pool was subsequently cleaned and water quality tests were run to ensure the pool was fit for patrons' use the next day, Sport Singapore added. 

“We are investigating the matter and will ensure our facilities continue to be safe for our patrons. We assure everyone that their safety is our top priority and the hygiene level at our pools strictly adhere to the required standards,” said Mr Ramasess Ramakrishnan, centre manager of the Jurong East Sports Centre.

Channel NewsAsia has reached out to the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) for comment.