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More Orchard Road theft cases during Great Singapore Sale this year

Theft cases in the area have more than doubled, compared to the same period last year. 

SINGAPORE: There have been more theft cases in the Orchard Road area during this year's Great Singapore Sale compared to last year.

Police say there were five cases for the whole of June last year. But for the first half of June this year, the number has more than doubled to 11 cases (as of June 15, 2014).

Mr Bob Scheer, from Australia, is one such victim. At 5pm on Monday, he was walking along Orchard Road when he said someone touched his waist. When he turned, he saw a man wearing a yellow shirt disappearing into a corner. He then realised his wallet was gone.

Police say they have boosted security in the area, and placed more crime alerts boards. They also advise the public to carry less cash and be careful of strangers who bump into them. 

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