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More renting equipment for the perfect NDP shot

One shop says the number of customers renting equipment on recent weekends has doubled. 

SINGAPORE: With rehearsals for the National Day Parade in full swing over the last few weekends, more people have been finding ways to capture that perfect picture, and some camera equipment rental shops say they have seen more customers recently.

"We get a lot of enquries for wide-angle lenses, telephoto lenses as well as tripods. Typically, the wide angle lenses will be used for the Marina Bay landscape, as well as the fireworks. For the zoom lenses, the tele lenses, they're typically used to shoot the Red Lions parachutes, as well as the special effects fighter jets, said Ms Madeline Xiong, Operations Manager at Camera Rental Centre.

On recent weekends, Camera Rental Centre says it had about 40 people renting equipment, which is about double the number on a usual weekend. The shop also has been receiving about three enquiries each weekend for aerial photography equipment.

Experts say such photography, aided by drones, has become popular in not only movies and commercials, but also in wedding photoshoots. 

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