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Mother, daughter found dead in Ang Mo Kio

Rosaline Lim, 75, had multiple stab wounds to her torso, while Andrea Tay, 51, was found lifeless at the foot of their block.

SINGAPORE: When Madam Agnes Ho was walking home from church with her neighbour Mdm Rosaline Lim, 75, on Tuesday night (June 4), nothing about her demeanour suggested that anything was amiss.

Hours later, however, Mdm Ho, 79, learnt that someone had fallen from a sixth-floor corner unit at Block 105, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 — Mdm Lim’s home. It turned out to be Mdm Lim’s daughter, Mdm Andrea Tay, 51.

To add to Mdm Ho’s shock, her friend’s lifeless body was also found in the three-bedroom flat, with multiple stab wounds on her torso.

Mdm Tay’s daughter, Germaine, is understood to be living in the same flat. It is not known if the undergraduate was at home on Tuesday night.

The police said they received a call for assistance at 4.43am yesterday. Investigators were at the block until about 3pm and took away knives from the flat when they left. They are investigating the case as unnatural deaths.

Several residents of the block whom TODAY spoke to said they heard a scream in the middle of the night.

One of Mdm Lim’s neighbours on the same floor, who declined to be named, also said she heard a commotion in the flat. This was followed by a loud thud. She said she had not reacted to these as she had not thought much of the matter at the time.

Another neighbour, who said she was on a “hi and bye basis” with the two, said the doors to their flat were shut most of the time and that the family “kept to themselves”.

Mdm Ho, who had known Mdm Lim for about six years from meeting regularly for prayer meetings at the nearby Church of Christ the King, described her as helpful and someone who loved cooking.

She added that Mdm Lim was “thin and frail” and suffered from minor medical ailments, but worked in a clinic.

She also had a “quiet” demeanour and seldom discussed her family. However, Mdm Lim had been visibly troubled since her mother passed away two years ago, Mdm Ho noted.

She added that on Tuesday night, Mdm Lim was “acting normally” while they walked home together from church. They parted ways when Mdm Lim stopped at a coffeeshop close to their homes to buy a takeaway dinner.

Mdm Ho said when she heard that someone had fallen from Mdm Lim’s home, she made several phone calls to Mdm Lim’s home but they went unanswered. Mdm Ho said Mdm Lim would sometimes quarrel with her daughter, purportedly over money matters.

Both Mdm Lim and Mdm Tay are believed to be divorced.

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