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Motorised scooters for residents in Radin Mas

Radin Mas residents who have trouble getting about can now rent a motorised scooter for free.

SINGAPORE: Residents riding motorised scooters may become a common sight soon in Radin Mas.

The constituency now has 30 new bikes which residents can rent for free.

More than 20 per cent of the residents in Radin Mas are above the age of 60, and it is hoped that the scooters will enable them to move around the neighbourhood with ease.

Elderly Singaporeans can get subsidies through the Seniors Mobility and Enabling Fund to buy their own motorised scooter, but Mr Sam Tan, who is Radin Mas' Member of Parliament, said the bikes would be especially useful for residents from the low income group.

Mr Tan said: "While they need the mobility, they may not have the financial means to maintain and service the scooters so this scheme will come in handy because it bridges the gap where residents only need to borrow for two hours to do what they need to do and when they return the scooters, they don't have to worry about maintenance fees, they don't have to worry about repairs and so on."

The scooters are available for rental at six locations within the neighbourhood, including Bukit Merah Community Centre and Radin Mas Community Club.

Before residents can take these motorised scooters out on a ride, they will be given a safety briefing and one of the rules is they can't ride the scooters on the roads.

Mr Tan explained: "We are concerned about the elderly. Their reflexes may not be very agile as compared to young people so we will advise them not to ride the scooters on the roads."

He added: "And to make sure that we manage the speed to within a safe distance, we actually have customised the scooters to artificially limit the speed so that they will not over-rev the scooters and travel at high speed which can pose some safety risks as well."

For 74-year-old Chee Ah Thye, who injured her knee after a fall last month, the scooter is especially useful when she's going to the market nearby.

Madam Chee said: "This scooter is very good, especially for old folks and people who have difficulty moving around. When I go to the market, it's near and convenient. I can ride around in this area."

The scooters are sponsored by the Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple.

The motorised scooters are available for rental at Bukit Merah Community Centre, Radin Mas Community Club, Blk 3 Telok Blangah Crescent Neighbourhood Moral Link, @27 FSC (Blk 27 Telok Blangah Way), Blk 89 Redhill Senior Activity Centre, and Blk 105 Jalan Bukit Merah SARAH Senior Activity Centre.

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