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MP Inderjit Singh clarifies Facebook post

Ang Mo Kio GRC Member of Parliament clarified in a follow-up Facebook post on Thursday (June 5) that he did not reject all the Government's policies in an earlier post made on May 26.

SINGAPORE: Ang Mo Kio GRC Member of Parliament Inderjit Singh has clarified that he does not reject all the Government's policies.

In a Facebook post on Thursday (June 5), Mr Singh clarified an earlier post he had written on May 26.

In his latest posting, he said: "Although I disagreed with some policies which I highlighted, some seem to think that I was rejecting all the PAP Governments' policies, which is not the case."

He added that he had received many comments to his original post.

Mr Singh said he had touched on a number of issues in the way some policies have been implemented, and how they could have been done better.

And while he said Singaporeans had written to him to express their appreciation, some had pointed out factual errors he had made, especially where he had mentioned how cost increases had outpaced wage growth.

He said those people had pointed to Government statistics that showed how net wages for Singaporeans have generally risen even after taking into account inflation.

And he said that he had not just pointed out areas where he felt improvements were needed, but had also "acknowledged that the Government has been resolving many of the problems, like transport and housing, and setting a new direction for the future especially in our social policies".

Mr Singh expressed confidence that the Government will continue to focus on solving the problems he raised, adding that it would be "good to also focus on how to have better policy formulation so that we have more effective policies in the future".

"As to whether the government will listen, I can tell you that the reason I voice these concerns so confidently, is because I know they do not fall on deaf ears and that some action will be taken on them," he said.

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