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MPA launches campaign to ensure safety at sea

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), in collaboration with local shipping operators, kicked off its Safety@Sea Singapore campaign on Thursday to ensure complacency over safety does not creep in.

SINGAPORE: Despite the falling number of major sea accidents over the years, seafarers should not be complacent in the waters of Singapore. 

That was the message sent by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) in launching the Safety@Sea Singapore campaign on Thursday (July 31). There were six sea accidents last year, down from 13 in 2011.

Together with local shipping operators, the campaign is an industry-wide effort to increase awareness of safety practices, and inculcate a safety-first culture at sea.

MPA Chief Executive Andrew Tan said the focus of the campaign was on the human element in marine incidents. "We want to safeguard against complacency, raise safety standards and get everyone in the community to do their part," he said. "We have to make sure that from time to time, we remind them of their responsibilities, and make sure that the bridge team, the vessel masters, as well as the pilots, are ever vigilant when they operate in our waters."

Information kits promoting a safety-first mindset were distributed to members of the shipping community, with workshops and dialogue sessions to discuss safety best practices planned for the near future.

MPA is exploring the idea of setting up a National Maritime Safety Council to drive safety efforts at sea. Companies, vessels and seafarers who display exemplary safety practices out at sea will also be recognised in the inaugural Safety Awareness Week, slated to be held in November this year, the agency added.

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