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NCSS to set up management framework for volunteer organisations

Framework will help voluntary welfare organisations with their development and organisation.

SINGAPORE: The National Council of Social Services will be setting up a sector-wide structured volunteer management framework to help boost the development capability and organisational scale of voluntary welfare organisations.

The Volunteer Resource Optimisation (VRO) programme, to be set up by the end of this year, will also be mobilising and scaling up more “bottom-up efforts” in productivity, research and innovation. This will be done through redesigning selected programmes and job processes within the VWOs.

Systems for recruitment, training and deployment of volunteer resources and to ensure that volunteers and their skills are matched will also be put in place.

The programme is at the preliminary stage and the NCSS is planning to work closely with VWOs on a one-on-one basis in the coming months to determine the level of interest in the use of volunteers, the scope of work and the feasibility of a structured volunteer management programme.

In addition, several initiatives have also been launched to address the manpower needs of the sector. One example is the NCSS is setting up a new manpower unit to focus on attracting and grooming professional and organisational leaders for the sector.

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