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NDP show to celebrate Singaporeans' can-do spirit

This year's National Day Parade show will make use of the largest multimedia set-up in its history to celebrate the positive attitudes and traits of Singaporeans.

SINGAPORE: About 5,000 people will take part in this year's National Day Parade (NDP), with the show segment seeing the largest multimedia set-up in the Parade's history.

In a media briefing on Tuesday (July 8), the committee for the segment said this year's NDP show will celebrate the can-do spirit and caring attitude of Singaporeans. This will be done through multimedia and mass displays in four acts - Celebrate It, Love It, Live It and Be It - and will be juxtaposed with stories of five everyday Singaporeans told in a short film.

Local singer, songwriter and playwright Dick Lee, who returns as Creative Director of the NDP for the third time, said: "I wanted the show to have an element of a pop concert because that's one thing that people really enjoy. This is a celebration.

"This year, my plan is to make it as celebratory as possible. It's very upbeat. Generally speaking, I wanted the show to be a colourful celebration, using pop culture."

While there will be no NDP theme song this year, some older tunes will get a fresh spin, such as local band Electrico's 2009 theme song, "What do you see".

New music videos of familiar favourites are also being released.

The NDP's Music Director, Dr Sydney Tan, said: "A pretty girl is a pretty girl and a good song is a good song. So you can dress it up in different ways.

"You can make a 30-year-old look vintage in a 60-year-old dress, or young and hip. So the good songs, we treat it with different flavours so there's a connection point.

"The brief was that we are going to do a show that had a pop art feel, so you can see the colours are all very vibrant. So when I discussed it with Dick, he said 'let's go for music that feels very current pop.'"

To fit the pop art theme -- spectators can expect music with a current pop feel.

About 1,500 square metres of LED screens and a 80-by-40-metre worth of floor projection will be used as part of the NDP show, the committee added.

The NDP 2014 Show Chairman, Col David Neo, said: "Multimedia you should look forward to displays that cover the equivalent of three basketball courts and projections effects that are large enough to cover a soccer field.

"What we've come to know over the years is that Singaporeans do enjoy the multimedia (segments). It enhances the performances, and makes it nicer."

NDP 2014 will also be the last show on the Marina Bay Floating Platform, for at least a few years to come.

Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen wrote on his Facebook page that next year's NDP will be at City Hall, and the following year, at the new National Stadium.

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