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New water pipeline to city area to be completed by 2019: PUB

The new Murnane pipeline is meant to meet future water demand in the city, and tenders for engineering plans and environmental impact study will be called in July, according to PUB.

SINGAPORE: A 22-kilometre water pipeline from the Murnane Service Reservoir to the city will be completed by 2019, the PUB announced on Monday (June 30), to meet the central region's future demands for water.

Construction of the Murnane pipeline from the reservoir - located near the Bukit Timah Expressway and the Pan Island Expressway - is expected to start in 2016 and be completed by 2019, the PUB said. This is to meet future demand for potable water, which is expected to increase from the current 30 million gallons daily, to about 60 million gallons a day by 2060, it added.

The national water agency said it has conducted detailed feasibility studies on various options to lay the new underground Murnane pipeline. About half of the 22km pipeline will be laid underneath the lower half of the Rail Corridor.

The agency will close off the stretch of Rail Corridor south of Holland Road from the first half of 2016 as the pipeline is being laid for public safety, and will progressively reopen these sections after the line has been laid and the ground reinstated, according to the statement.

Tenders for a detailed engineering design and an environmental impact study will be called in July, with the latter to recommend measures to minimise the impact of construction works to the environment, the PUB added. 

Mr Chew Men Leong, PUB Chief Executive, said: "We will work with various community members such as residents of nearby premises, rail corridor users and relevant interest groups at different stages of the project - from planning to construction - to ensure this project, while ensuring water supply for the city area in the long term, will minimise any inconvenience to the community."

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