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NLB will not reinstate pulled books

The three titles will be pulped in accordance to library policy for withdrawn books, the National Library Board said on Thursday (July 10).

SINGAPORE: The National Library Board (NLB) on Thursday (July 10) said that the three titles it had withdrawn, which were reported to have content that was not pro-family, will not be reinstated.

The three book titles are: And Tango Makes Three, The White Swan Express, and Who’s In My Family. NLB's decision to stick with its original action came despite two petitions that surfaced online, and feedback from members of the public.

In a press conference held on Thursday, the Assistant Director of Public Library Services, Ms Jasna Dhansukhlal, said the NLB appreciates all feedback, but the books will not be put back. The books will be pulped in accordance to NLB’s policy for books that are withdrawn, she added.

She added that the NLB receives 20 requests in a year to remove library materials across all sections. But she was unable to give figures for the books that get removed a year.

The NLB also used “a variety of selection tools” when acquiring books. These include book reviews and trade journals, she said.

It also has a Collection Development Policy that guides the acquiring of books. TODAY understands that the library acquires around 1 million library materials a year.

In response to queries about NLB’s “pro-family stance”, Ms Jasna would only say that NLB’s pro-family stance “was in line with that of MOE and MSF”.

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