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No need for Good Samaritan law here: Indranee Rajah

Senior Minister of State for Law and Education Indranee Rajah said there have been no reported cases of people refusing to offer help out of fear of legal liability.

SINGAPORE: There is no need for a Good Samaritan Law, because Singaporeans continue to render assistance when needed, said Senior Minister of State for Law and Education Indranee Rajah.

Speaking in Parliament on Thursday (May 29), Ms Indranee said the issue had been brought before the House twice before. The reasons deeming the law unnecessary then, still hold today.

A Good Samaritan Law protects people who render help during emergencies from criminal or civil liability.

Ms Indranee explained that current laws do not give rise to any major liability concerns for Good Samaritans. In terms of civil liability, people who render assistance must only comply with a standard of care that can be "reasonably expected of a person of his skill and experience".

Additionally, a Good Samaritan need not fear criminal liability as long as there is no ill-intent, she said.

Ms Indranee also noted people continue to help when necessary.

She gave the example of an accident involving a taxi and a tipper truck in October last year. Then, five members of the public had helped extricate the cabbie and his passengers after the taxi was crushed.

"There have been no reported cases where the persons have refused to come forward out of fear of incurring legal liability. However, should this context change, we will re-examine the issue," she said.

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