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NUS students develop app which uses selfies to mark class attendance

The app was created as part of the NUS iCreate Mobility Challenge. 

SINGAPORE: A new facial recognition app in the works could enable students to take a selfie to mark their attendance in class in future. A team of students from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have developed this app as part of the NUS iCreate Mobility Challenge.

After downloading the app, a student only has to enter her name once and take 10 pictures. The system would then recognise her face even if her hairstyle has changed or glasses are put on. Teachers can monitor attendance from their computer desktop.

The team hopes the app could also be developed for other uses, such as at airport immigration or in retail stores. A total of six teams were awarded in the fourth edition of the annual competition, including another app that helps drivers find the nearest vacant parking space.

The app shows how many parking lots are available in carparks nearby, using a metal-detecting sensor that will turn the parking lot illustration on a phone screen from green to red when it is occupied.

The apps are expected to be pushed out within the next two years, with the support of NUS Enterprise and telco M1.

Mr Neil Mehta, a member of Team SurePark, one of the winners of the NUS iCreate Mobility Challenge, said: "Just imagine if there are 20 people going into different directions, and have to park at different locations. If they already know where they are going to park, there are not going to be that many people circling around on the streets, which means less traffic, less CO2 emissions, better city, better planning and a smooth experience for motorists. It's an overall target to help get Singapore to the next level and make it a smart city."

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