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Overseas participants join speed skating championship in Singapore

Overseas participants joined host Singapore to compete in this year's Short Track Speed Skating National Championships for the first time.

SINGAPORE: This year's Short Track Speed Skating National Championship saw an overwhelming response. For the first time, participants from India, China, Indonesia and Malaysia joined host Singapore to compete at The Rink @ JCube.

There will be 65 skaters, up from the 22 last year, taking to the rink for the two-day championship.

For the Singapore skaters, besides benchmarking themselves against their rivals, such competitions also allow them an opportunity to qualify for international events.

To cast the net wider, the organisers are also staging the 1st Singapore Inter School Skating Competition and Team Challenge which starts from Sep 1 at JCube. Nearly 200 competitors have signed up for the four-day event.

Sonja Chong, president of Singapore Ice Skating Association, said: "This (the inter-school competiton) is important to us because it allows us to start doing competitions for the young children and it allows us to also start going into schools. So in that sense it is a very important step as we develop the sport as a whole."