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Palestinian flag removed from HDB block

Occupants of a flat at Sims Drive were told to remove a Palestinian flag hung outside their HDB apartment unit, with the word "Free" written across it.

SINGAPORE: The occupants of a HDB flat at Sims Drive have been told to remove a Palestinian flag displayed outside their unit.

Police said they had responded to a call for assistance at Block 54, Sims Drive at 9.10am on Monday (July 14).

"At the advice of our officers, the occupants of the unit removed the flag voluntarily," a spokesman told Channel NewsAsia.

Pictures sent in by viewer Yusof showed the word "Free" emblazoned across the lower part of the flag, draped over the parapet at the 11th floor. It was also hung a few metres away from a Singapore flag.

(Photo: Yusof)

The incident comes amid a deepening crisis in Gaza. Israeli bombardments have killed 175 Palestinians, a week into an operation to halt cross-border rocket attacks.

Police say they are looking into the matter.

(Photo: Yusof)

This is not the first time the display of a foreign flag has prompted public complaint to the police. In July 2012, police investigated a case of a China flag displayed in Hougang, in the run-up to National Day. This violated the National Emblems (Control of Display) Act, which bears a fine of up to S$500 and a jail term of up to six months.

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