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Parents, here's an app to help you understand what your kids are doing online

The app is designed to help parents better understand and protect their children from online risks, according to SingTel and TOUCH.

SINGAPORE: Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) and TOUCH Cyber Wellness have launched a mobile application to help parents gain more insight into their children’s online activities.

In a statement issued on Thursday (July 10), SingTel and TOUCH said the app, called notAnoobie, is Singapore’s first cyber wellness mobile application designed to help parents better understand and protect their children from online risks. The term “noobie” refers to a novice.

The development of the app is funded by SingTel, while the content is developed by TOUCH’s coaches and counsellors. The app features the latest on cyber issues, game reviews and real life stories of youths who have overcome their online problems, the statement said, citing two earlier surveys by Microsoft and Symantec that showed six out of 10 youths have experienced a negative situation online such as cyber bullying.

Mr Eugene Seow, Executive Director of TOUCH Community Services, said: “Many parents have told us that they are often clueless about their children’s online activities. Yet, they are and should be the first line of defence when their children run into problems.”

“With notAnoobie, we want to equip both young users and parents with the necessary knowledge to manage their digital footprint, protect their privacy and safety, while enjoying the benefits the online world offers,” said Mr Andrew Buay, SingTel’s Vice-President of Group Corporate Social Responsibility.

notAnoobie by SingTel and TOUCH is free for download from the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

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