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PassionArts Festival back to bring arts to residents

The PassionArts Festival is back, and the theme this year will be "Works of Wonder" (W.O.W.).

SINGAPORE: The PassionArts Festival is back, and the theme this year will be "Works of Wonder" (W.O.W.).

The national-level community arts festival will be its biggest yet -- about 120,000 participants are expected to be involved, bringing the arts to Singapore residents through 40 festival villages across the country.

Most of the artworks that will be displayed are the work of regular residents, and some were created by just using ink, a straw and puffs of air.

Linda Buang, the principal of a PCF Little Wings branch, said: “Initially, I thought one was a piece of work from a famous artist, but actually it's from people like myself and my students.

“I think it's a wonderful experience. The children are having so much fun."

December Pang, a visual artist and chairperson of Buona Vista CACC, said: "We thought we'll do something simple. And it's very easy -- you don't need to have much techniques.

"You just have to drop a block of ink, use a straw and then just blow."

The artwork pieces created using that technique will then be placed together to create large structures for display during the festival.

The festival hopes to get even more residents involved in the arts, and reach out to students, working adults, and the less-privileged.

Ang Hak Seng, chief executive director of People’s Association, said: "It's a ground-up effort by the residents. We adopted the theme of large visual arts because it gives us a platform to engage more residents and more community artists.

“We hope that by raising the standard of our professional arts, we can attract more people to enjoy arts."

After the festival, some art pieces will be displayed in next year's Chingay Parade.

Many other artworks will be showcased in homes, community centres and other organisations.

The festival will take place from May 25 to June 29. 

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