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Philippines asks Singapore to take action over racist blog post

The Philippine embassy in Singapore asks the Singapore Government to take action against a blogger for a blog post encouraging Singaporeans to show displeasure for Filipinos without breaking the law.

SINGAPORE: The Philippine embassy in Singapore has asked the Singapore Government to hold a blogger accountable for a blog post that encourages Singaporeans to show intolerance for Filipinos. The post on the blog "Blood Stained Singapore" offered pointers on how Singaporeans can show displeasure with Filipinos without breaking the law. It has been widely circulated on social media, with many people flagging it as racist and offensive.

A statement on the website of the Philippine embassy in Singapore on Tuesday (June 17) says it immediately communicated to the Singapore Government that appropriate action should be taken against the blogger in accordance with the law.

Police confirmed that reports have been lodged in connection with the blog. A spokesperson said that investigations are ongoing, but offered no further details.

The statement from the Philippine embassy in Singapore said it believes the views of the blogger do not reflect the general beliefs of people in Singapore. The embassy also advised Filipinos not to stoop to the level of the blogger by responding in kind, as the blogger "clearly intends to create friction". And it encouraged Filipinos here to continue their good work to enhance Philippine-Singapore relations.

The original blog post in question, dated May 24, appeared to be taken down, but was republished on Monday (June 16).

The posts appear to violate the terms of blog-publishing service Blogger. A statement on the Google-owned platform says "material that promotes hatred toward groups based on race or ethnic origin" is not allowed on Blogger.


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