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PM Lee calls on Singaporeans to keep Gaza victims in 'thoughts and prayers'

In a Facebook post on Wednesday (July 23), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong called on Singaporeans to keep the victims of the ongoing conflict in Gaze in "thoughts and prayers" and donate to humanitarian assistance to Gaza.

SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, in a post on Facebook, called on Singaporeans to keep victims of the ongoing conflict in Gaza in their "thoughts and prayers", and to continue supporting fund-raising initiatives for humanitarian assistance. 

His post on Wednesday (July 23) reads as follows:

"In the last week, the armed conflict in Gaza has hotted up. Hundreds of people have been killed, mostly civilians, including many children and infants. The loss of innocent lives is tragic and painful. The Middle East is far away, but still we empathise with the pain and suffering of the Palestinian people, because of our common humanity.

"Alas there is no easy solution. The Israel-Palestinian problem goes back almost a century. The distrust and enmity are mutual, and deep. Yet there is no future in this endless cycle of violence and retribution.

"Any lasting solution must begin with restraint and an end to violence, by both sides. I hope all parties will work together to end this latest episode of violence.

"Let us keep the victims of the ongoing conflict in our thoughts and prayers. MUIS is collecting funds for humanitarian assistance to Gaza. Singaporeans have donated generously, and not only Muslims. I hope more concerned Singaporeans will continue showing support in this way.

"Those who wish to contribute can do so at donation boxes placed at all mosques till July 24, or donate online via MUIS' website."

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