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PM Lee’s lawyer provides details to support aggravated damages claim

Senior Counsel Davinder Singh, who is representing Mr Lee, said that blogger Roy Ngerng’s conduct was “calculated and cynical”.

SINGAPORE: The lawyers of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong have responded to blogger Roy Ngerng’s request for more details to support Mr Lee’s demand for aggravated damages.

In a letter dated June 25, Senior Counsel Davinder Singh, who is representing Mr Lee, also spelt out why Mr Ngerng’s alleged conduct was “calculated and cynical”.

Mr Singh said Mr Ngerng had no intention of honouring his apology or undertaking to remove the defamatory blog posts.

 “It had always been (Mr Ngerng)’s intention to opportunistically use the occasion of (Mr Lee)’s lawful and legitimate demand to raise (Mr Ngerng)’s public profile, garner support and sympathy and renew his attack against (Mr Lee),” he said.

Explaining how Mr Ngerng had “aggravated the injury and distress” to Mr Lee, Mr Singh listed out the blog posts and YouTube video posted by Mr Ngerng, in which he defended his actions, among other things.

He added that Mr Ngerng also did not remove the video as promised. Instead, he made the video private and allowed it to be accessible to a selected group of people. And apart from the “derisory” offer of S$5,000 as damages, Mr Ngerng sent emails to local and foreign media notifying them of the blog posts and video, he said.

Mr Singh also pointed out that while Mr Lee had never sought Mr Ngerng to remove all Central Provident Fund (CPF)–related blog posts other than those specified, Mr Ngerng had falsely claimed that Mr Lee was trying to prevent him from expressing his views on the CPF.

“That disingenuous suggestion was made in a letter which (Mr Ngerng) intended to make public, to bolster his standing and in aid of his continuing public campaign against (Mr Lee),” Mr Singh said.

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