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Python caught at Braddell Road

ACRES was alerted at 9.10am, and the python was caught 50 minutes later.

SINGAPORE: A reticulated python, close to four metres in length, was spotted at a bus stop along Braddell Road, outside the old Braddell-Westlake Secondary School on Thursday (Aug 21) morning.

Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) said it was alerted by the police and a member of public at 9.10am. Its rescue team arrived at the scene at 10am and caught the python, which will eventually be relocated to a suitable habitat. 

“Reticulated pythons are native to Singapore, and the majority of their diet constitutes of rats,” said ACRES Group Director Anbarasi Boopal. “They play an important ecological role in controlling rat population in Singapore. They are non-venomous and like most other wild animals, they tend to avoid humans.”

Members of public are advised to keep their distance if they see wildlife animals in public spaces. They can call the 24-hour wildlife rescue hotline 9783 7782 for assistance or advice. Wildlife animals should not be hurt or captured by the public. If they are sighted in canals or green reserves and the animal does not appear to be injured or stuck, it is best to leave them alone, said ACRES' wildlife rescue team.

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