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Race to produce creative mooncakes is no cakewalk

With more players crowding the market, businesses are pulling out the stops to make sure their mooncakes are a cut above the rest. 

SINGAPORE: The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival falls on Monday (Sep 8) and businesses are pulling out the stops to offer innovative mooncakes.

Some businesses have spent over six months researching new flavours, in the hopes of satisfying increasingly-fickle taste buds in a crowded market. Available offerings range from glittery snowskin mooncakes, to those with new-fangled fillings like nougat, and lemon and cranberry macarons.

Ms Serene Sim, senior manager at East Ocean Teochew Restaurant, said it is a buyers' market, and there have been many new players in the market recently. "There is now a large selection to choose from, and consumers can always consider waiting for a few more stalls to open before making their purchase."

Competition may be stiff, but those whose creative flavours catch the attention of consumers can reap sweet rewards. At least three businesses have stepped up production, saying their sales volume has doubled over the last year.