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Restrictions on concrete trucks apply, save for exceptional cases: Transport Minister

These restrictions include a vehicular speed limit of 40km/h at all times, and prohibition from the use of expressways at all hours. 

SINGAPORE: Restrictions on concrete trucks' speed and use of expressways apply, although permits for them to use expressways may be granted under exceptional circumstances, said Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew in a written Parliamentary reply to a question by Member of Parliament Zainal Sapari.

There are about 1,600 registered ready-mix concrete trucks, according to Mr Lui. Of these, 19 per cent are classified under pre-Euro and Euro I emission standards, and 4 per cent under the Euro V emission standards implemented in January this year.

The speed limit for the trucks is set at 40km/h, as the wet concrete carried in their revolving drums increases their risk of overturning at higher speeds. Such trucks have to comply with the vehicular speed limit at all times, even when the road speed limit is higher.

They are also prohibited from expressways at all hours, to minimise the risk of collisions and accidents. Mr Lui said that permits for ready-mix concrete trucks to use expressways can be granted under exceptional circumstances, such as when a construction site can only be accessed via an expressway. For safety reasons, these are typically granted for off-peak hours only.

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