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Road safety campaign aims to educate 4,000 children in road safety

The month-long Canberra Road Safety Campaign hopes to reach out to 4,000 students who study in pre-school and primary schools in Sembawang.

SINGAPORE: The Canberra Road Safety Campaign, first launched in May last year, is back.

The month-long event hopes to reach out to 4,000 students who study in pre-school and primary schools in Sembawang.

Road safety pamphlets will also be given to residents in Canberra constituency.

MP for Nee Soon GRC, Dr Lim Wee Kiak said: "The key thing is that all these road safety measures shouldn't be a one-off. It should be on-going. I hope to build them in as a way of life -- you know all our residents can enjoy and can have a better road safety in the town."

Buntings and banners have been placed around the neighbourhood to remind road users to be cautious when on the road.

Dr Lim said the first step to better roads is to educate the young.

Comic strips and videos are used to convey road safety messages, and children brought some of these tips home.

"When I cross the road, I will take the overhead bridge to cross," said six-year-old Ares Lee, student at My First Skool.

Fellow student Yap Yun Xin, also aged six, added: "Raise up your hands and see left and right."

Dr Lim said: "The government agencies such as LTA or the Traffic Police can only do so much.

“They can put in infrastructure, but it still the responsibilities of the road users ourselves to make sure that we look out for one another, that we drive carefully, that the cyclists cycle with care and that the pedestrians look out for both the cyclists as well as the drivers in order to enhance their own safety."

Currently, speed limit along roads fronting Canberra Primary School -- one of the 10 schools chosen to pilot a series of road safety measures -- has been lowered to 40 kilometres per hour during school operation hours.

Outside these hours, the speed limit will revert to the existing limit of 50 kilometres per hour.

The reduced speed limit will be progressively extended to other primary schools that have zebra crossings and signalised pedestrian crossings along their frontage after the pilot.

Dr Lim hopes that more measures can still be put in place. He said: "The ministry can consider electronic means of monitoring such as (having) more CCTVs and speed cameras in school zone areas."

From August 2014, roads around the neighbourhood will have traffic reminder messages painted on them, such as the "LOOK" warning markings on zebra crossings.

The markings will remind pedestrians to check for traffic. 

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