Seagate faces lawsuit over allegedly 'faulty' disk drives, says reviewing complaint

Seagate faces lawsuit over allegedly 'faulty' disk drives, says reviewing complaint

The storage manufacturer says it is "aware of the filing of a class action complaint" on Feb 1 in California, US, but it has "not yet been served".

SINGAPORE: Storage manufacturer Seagate said on Thursday (Feb 4) that it is "aware" of the class action lawsuit filed in the United States against its hard disk drives, and it is "reviewing the complaint".

According to court filings in the US, the company is being sued for two specific products - the Seagate Barracuda 3TB Hard Disk Drive and Seagate Backup Plus 3TB External Hard Disk Drive. The person who filed the suit, Mr Christopher Nelson, noted that Seagate had touted these drives as "innovative, fast, powerful, reliable, dependable and having extremely low failure rates".

"The drives were not, however, reliable or dependable and they did not have low
failure rates. Rather, they were defective and failed prematurely at spectacularly – and in many respects unprecedentedly – high rates," according to court documents.

"The drives purchased by (Mr Nelson) and putative Class Members failed after unreasonably short intervals including, without limitation, less than a year after purchase. Indeed, many Class Members purchased Drives that failed months, weeks, or days after their first use," it added.

Responding to Channel NewsAsia, the company said it has received a copy of the complaint but "has not yet been served".

"Seagate is reviewing the complaint and will respond to it in due course," it said. The company did not have comments regarding the Singapore market and whether the products in question will be pulled from the shelves.

Source: CNA