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Sex Cells: A musical aims to educate children about the science of reproduction

The productions opens at the Science Centre on Thursday, and those behind it hope the musical can be a teaching moment for parents who want to broach the subject of sex education with their children. 

SINGAPORE: A science musical that hopes to make a taboo subject more accessible opens on Thursday (Aug 21) at the Science Centre. Sex Cells - a tongue-in-cheek dramatisation of reproduction at a cellular level - is not your conventional love story, but of a union between a sperm and egg.

Ms Jannah Monijiat, a Science Educator at the Science Centre, said the unusual production aims to educate children and youths: "Watch out for how the sperm and the egg actually have a duet. It's a very romantic scene, so that part is where the children as well as the youth will get to understand at least a little bit more about the reproduction stage."

According to Mr Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive of the Science Centre, the musical is a way for parents to broach the taboo topic of sex: "This storytelling is a way for us to let our youths enjoy science, especially this topic of sex, which is not taboo. And we also want to let parents use this show to break the barrier, by going 'Okay, let's talk about it. Remember the show? And let us talk about sex in a very open manner and there is nothing shy about it'."

There is a one in a million chance for an egg to be fertilised, but the play does not want to dwell on the odds. Said Mr Lim: "It is not easy to fertilise an egg. The champion sperm must overcome all the challenges to reach the egg. So you can imagine, when the unique set of DNA from the sperm combines with the unique set of DNA in the egg, the end result is a unique individual. Therefore I want people to love themselves, respect themselves, love their friends, love their neighbour, and respect everybody else because you and I are just so unique."