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Sexual assault of 5-year-old girl beastly, says judge

District Judge Lim Tse Haw says the act was “despicable and deserves the strongest condemnation” from the court.

SINGAPORE: He had taken his friend’s five-year-old daughter to a convenience store near her flat under the pretext of asking the girl to show him the way to her house. However, he led her to a forested area in the vicinity of a slip road near East Coast Parkway.

There, Edi Anuar Abdul Aziz removed the girl’s clothing and put his finger into her private parts. The girl cannot be named to protect her identity.

On Thursday (July 3), the District Court sentenced Edi to 14 years’ jail and 24 strokes of the cane. Although the 47-year-old man faces seven charges, the prosecution proceeded with only four of the charges, which included drug-related and robbery offences.

When the sexual penetration offence took place on Oct 20, the girl’s father was in jail. Her mother later found the minor, crying and completely drenched as it was raining, at the void deck of her flat where Edi had left her.

A week earlier, Edi had robbed a 12-year-old girl of her Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, worth about S$300 at Sun Plaza Park. The phone was later recovered from a mobile phone shop.

Assistant public prosecutor Thiagesh Sukumaran had earlier urged the court to impose a 15 to 16 years’ jail term on Edi. He argued that Edi had committed a series of very serious offences, three of which carried mandatory minimum sentences.

With regard to the sexual penetration offence, Mr Sukumaran argued that the sentence imposed should reflect the court’s condemnation of Edi’s actions towards a young girl who had been physically and emotionally scarred by the incident.

Calling the act a “beastly and reprehensible conduct”, District Judge Lim Tse Haw said what Edi did to the girl was “despicable and deserves the strongest condemnation” from the court. He added: “After your heinous act, you abandoned her at the void deck without bringing her back to her family. She was drenched in the rain ... when her (mother) found her”.

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