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Silver Support Scheme, CPF flexibility given thumbs-up: REACH survey

More than 8 in 10 of those polled are in favour of the Silver Support Scheme, making it the "most well-received" initiative announced at the National Day Rally, said REACH Chairman Dr Amy Khor. 

SINGAPORE: Initiatives announced by the Government to help Singaporeans in their sunset years appear to be well-received. A telephone survey by Government feedback portal REACH found 86 per cent of Singaporeans polled are in favour of the Silver Support Scheme for the low-income elderly. Also, 75 per cent support the idea of increased flexibility in allowing a lump sum withdrawal, subject to limits, of their CPF savings from 65 years of age.

The poll involved more than 1,100 randomly selected Singaporeans who had read or heard about issues raised in the Prime Minister's National Day Rally on Aug 17.

Other findings of the poll, published on Thursday (Sep 4):

  • 75 per cent believe they have sufficient opportunities to upgrade their skills and education, even after starting work

  • 68 per cent of respondents support the transformation of the Jurong Lake district

  • 67 per cent support the extension of the Lease Buyback Scheme to 4-room HDB flats

  • 65 per cent expressed confidence the new Municipal Services Office will significantly improve the delivery of estate services

  • 60 per cent are confident the Government's efforts will help improve career opportunities, regardless of their qualifications

REACH said the results were largely in line with sentiments received on its platforms. It also said 40 per cent of feedback collected on the National Day Rally announcements, focused on the topic of assurance in retirement.

"Based on the poll results, reactions to this year's National Day Rally have been positive," said Senior Minister of State for Health and Manpower and REACH Chairman Dr Amy Khor. She noted that the Silver Support Scheme was "most well-received", and said going forward, the challenge is for the Government to communicate how Singaporeans with different circumstances can benefit from the initiatives.