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Singapore 6th worldwide in caring most about the World Cup: OutBrain

The number of page views related to the World Cup that were accessed via smartphones in Singapore was 46% higher than the global average, and the country was also ranked as the sixth nation that cares the most about the football tournament. 

SINGAPORE:  The World Cup matches may be late at night in Singapore, but that has not stopped football fans from following the games. Not surprisingly, many get their information via their mobile devices.

The number of page views related to the World Cup finals that were accessed via smartphones in Singapore was 46% higher than the global average, as reflected in an infographic blog released by online content discovery platform OutBrain.

Singapore was also ranked 6th, ahead of participating nations such as Brazil, Argentina, Germany and the US, in terms of the global rankings for nations that care the most about the World Cup, said OutBrain. This refers to the total number of page views on World Cup stories across desktops, smartphones and tablets.

"Not overly surprising if you think about the interest there is in this small island-state in the sport of football; nothing else gets close to that in this spot. And if you look at recent things like the amount of money SingTel pays to get the football rights, I think 100,000 subscribers have signed up for the World Cup. Something like 2.5 million people have got in and viewed, that is half the population. So there are other indicators out there that spell or point towards the World Cup being really important to Singaporeans," said the Southeast Asian and India Regional Director of OutBrain Anthony Hearne.

Such social media analytics can be beneficial for marketers seeking to better engage their audiences. SAP says it allows businesses to better focus their advertising and marketing efforts.

"I guess first and foremost, who is most active in the universe around football? How can they do more co-marketing and co-branding activities activities? So if you look at BudWeiser, which is the global sponsor or the beer sponsor for the world cup; how can they bring those teams or bring specific experiences to particular markets, because that is where they are popular. So imagine if there are big followers of Brazil in Singapore, could they do a BudWeiser Brazil event for the next game and host it at a bar and position it as a BudWeiser sponsored event. I think that is really what creates the opportunity," said Global VP of Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics at SAP, Kurt Bilafer.

Against the backdrop of the World Cup, sponsors and partners too are battling for visibility and trying to capture market share by targeting the right demographics. So far among the world cup sponsors, Adidas (67,176 mentions) leads the tally in number of mentions across social media. This is followed by Sony (40,594 mentions) and Coca-Cola (36,406 mentions).

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