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Singapore needs to rekindle 'Kampong Spirit' to build cohesion: Cedric Foo

Singapore needs to rekindle the spirit of a closely-knit society as the country grows its economy, says Member of Parliament Mr Cedric Foo. 

SINGAPORE: Singapore needs social capital to build cohesion amongst Singaporeans, said Member of Parliament Mr Cedric Foo when debating the President's address in Parliament on Friday (May 30). 

He said there was a time when Singapore had "very high social capital", and called it the "Kampong Spirit". This was when neighbours looked out for one another and when people set aside personal interests for the sake of others, not envy, ruled the day.

He called for this spirit of a closely-knit society to be rekindled even as the country grows the economy and plug into the global economy.

Mr Foo also said that Singapore needs to stick to certain principles in order to do well and avoid pitfalls. This includes not burdening future generations by ensuring the government maintains prudent fiscal policies and financial discipline, he added.

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