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Singapore travellers' worst nightmare? Flight cancellations

However, about 55 per cent polled say they would rather risk it than buy travel insurance for peace of mind, according to a Zuji survey.

SINGAPORE: Of the vacation woes travellers here dread the most, flight cancellations come in tops, according to a Zuji study. As for pet peeves, finding out that the hotel is full or their booking is not found is the worst hotel irk for Singapore-based travellers.

The online travel agent released its Zuji-dex report on Monday (Sep 1), which showed that while travellers here love the jetsetting lifestyle, 43 per cent said being grounded due to flight cancellations was their worst nightmare. Having an uneasy stomach that requires 24/7 washroom access came in second at 34 per cent, the study revealed.

While the dread for flight cancellations is real, the majority of travellers, or 55 per cent, prefer to risk it rather than buy travel insurance. Of the 45 per cent who do buy insurance, 30 per cent only do so for certain trips while 9 per cent indicated they do so when it is affordable, according to the Zuji-dex.


In terms of irksome occurrences, the Zuji-dex revealed that Singapore-based travellers' worst hotel irk was finding out that the hotel is full and their booking is not found, at 39 per cent. Discovering they have been scammed was next at 27 per cent, it added.

The study also found that 38 per cent of travellers are terrified of creepy crawlies - making it the top of the list for worst hotel room fears. Strange noises and deadly silence, at 26 per cent, came in second, followed by odd stains and smells around the carpeting at 24 per cent.

As for creepy encounters of a supernatural nature, about one in five polled said they have encountered ghosts and spirits while travelling, the Zuji-dex revealed.

Ms Chua Hui Wan, CEO for ZUJI Singapore, said: "The clearest observation from this poll is that Singapore-based travellers still love to explore overseas, despite their vacation peeves. It’s interesting to see what irks our travellers, but also encouraging that they continue to fly to destinations.”

Zuji-dex is the online travel agent's report profiling the habits and preferences of Singapore-based travellers. It polled 1,629 travellers for its latest report, and the next one will be out in January 2015.