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Singaporean dies in hiking trip in Malaysia

TODAY reports: Mr Nawaz Marican had been swept away by a column of water as he attempted to cross the Kuala Luis river, according to Malaysian media.

SINGAPORE: A 43-year-old Singaporean man drowned on Saturday (Feb 6) during a hiking trip in Pahang, according to Malaysian media.  A local police official said that the accident occurred at 5pm on Saturday.

The man is believed to be Mr Nawaz Marican, a former journalist. According to reports, Mr Nawaz was swept away by a column of water as he attempted to cross the Kuala Luis river. Mr Nawaz was believed to be part of a group of 24 hikers, of whom three were foreigners, planning to scale Mount Tahan. The 2,187-metre mountain is Peninsular Malaysia’s highest peak.

Participants of the hike alerted the police to the accident before embarking on a search and rescue operation with the assistance of firemen and tour guides.

“(His) body was found some 5km from the spot he was last seen, (at) about 7.30pm,” The New Straits Times quoted police official Abdul Razak Hassan as saying. Mr Hassan also said that arrangements were being made for Mr Marican’s body to be returned to Singapore for his funeral.

Tributes to Mr Marican have been made on his Facebook page. He is believed to be survived by his wife and three sons.

The hike was to have lasted about five days, beginning on Saturday and ending this Wednesday.

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