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Singaporeans need better understanding of MediShield Life: Amy Khor

Singaporeans have generally welcomed the new national health insurance scheme MediShield Life, though some have also raised questions and concerns, said Senior Minister of State for Health Dr Amy Khor. 

SINGAPORE: Senior Minister of State for Health Dr Amy Khor on Wednesday (July 2) answered some of the questions raised by Singaporeans regarding MediShield Life on feedback platform REACH. She held a Facebook chat as part of the #AskMe series, aimed at promoting more interaction between the public and the Government.

Some 250 comments have been received by REACH since the MediShield Life Review Committee submitted its report last Friday (June 27).

Some wanted to know if they qualified for premium subsidies by the Government if they had a monthly per capita household income of S$2,600 and below. Others wondered why earnings above S$2,600 are considered as "high-income". 

"I think it is a misperception. This is really a monthly per capita household income, so if you have a family of four, the total monthly household income based on per capita household income of S$2,600 is very much higher than the median household income of S$7,870 as at 2013. And for a family of four, with this per capita household income of S$2,600, or S$10,400 in total, they would still qualify for subsidies because they are classified under the upper-middle-income group. It is only if they are beyond that, then they do not qualify for the subsidy," said Dr Khor, who is the chairwoman of REACH.

Dr Khor added that though Singaporeans generally welcomed the new national health insurance scheme, they need to have a better understanding of how MediShield Life works.

"We are working to reach out to and engage Singaporeans, and raise their awareness as well as their understanding of our healthcare financing schemes, and in particular MediShield Life. So we are going to adopt a variety of ways to do this, for instance, through dialogue sessions, through different groups, the grassroots and various groups," said Dr Khor.

"The ministry has actually done some interstitials and we will be doing advertorials, for instance through the media, to reach out to Singaporeans in general. In addition, of course, we utilise online platforms such as today's Facebook chat, and we will continue to see how else we can reach out to Singaporeans."

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