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Sleeping, contraband items prohibited at self-storage facilities: Association

The Self-Storage Association Asia's statement came after 5,635 cartons of contraband cigarettes were seized by Singapore Customs from a self-storage facility in north-east Singapore on Friday (Dec 9).

SINGAPORE: Customers of self-storage facilities should not engage in unlawful activities and store illegal items, the Self-Storage Association Asia (SSAA) said on Monday (Dec 12).

The association’s statement came after 5,635 cartons of contraband cigarettes were seized by Singapore Customs from a self-storage facility in north-east Singapore on Friday. The shipment, imported from China, was declared as decorative items and delivered to the self-storage facility on Wednesday afternoon.

The association said it is aware of the seizure, and takes the matter "seriously".

"Sleeping in a self-storage facility and storing inflammable and contraband items are all prohibited at self-storage facilities," SSAA chair Helen Ng said. 

A poster released by the SSAA on prohibited activities and items at self-storage facilities. (Image: SSAA)

Other activities that are not allowed in self-storage facilities include cooking and keeping pets. Customers are also not allowed to store items such as batteries, according to the poster. 

SSAA added that self-storage service providers across Asia generally do not require their customers to declare what they are storing. However, they have to declare that they are not storing illegal or inflammable items.

It encouraged SSAA members to put the posters up at their facilities so customers are fully aware of the dos and don'ts. 

"We want both service providers and customers to have top-of-mind awareness of fire prevention and public safety guidelines from the moment the customer decides to lease a storage space," the association said.