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Speak Good English Movement shines spotlight on grammar

The Speak Good English Movement is back this year with a focus on grammar rules, which will be taught in a light and fun manner. 

SINGAPORE: The Speak Good English Movement is back this year -- with a focus on grammar rules.

And it promises that the rules of the language will be taught in a light and fun manner.

Teaching the rules of grammar is Singapore comedian, Kumar, who plays the "Queen of Grammar" and corrects her 'subjects' bad English.

Kumar will feature in a series of videos that will highlight commonly heard Singaporean blunders and grammar gaffes.

The videos will be released over the next few weeks on the movement's YouTube channel and Facebook page to entertain and educate.

Notebooks featuring different aspects of grammar -- such as tenses and subject-verb agreement -- will be released to all schools and interested members of public.

But organisers say knowing the rules is not enough, and implementation is equally important.

"It's not the matter of not speaking Singlish but being more careful in practicing Standard English," said Goh Eck Kheng, Chairman, Speak Good English Movement.

"Because if you code-switch downwards all the time and you keep speaking broken English or Singlish with your friends in a casual situation and that's the only standard of English you use, then you will find that when you do need to use standard English, you would have lost the ability to be able to speak it confidently and fluently."

The Speak Good English Movement was launched in 2000 to encourage Singaporeans to speak Standard English that is universally understood.

"Standard English" is defined as English with correct grammar and pronunciation, regardless of accent.

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