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Tah Ching Rd lift accident: Jurong Town Council launches probe

An investigation will be launched into the cause of an accident involving a lift at a Tah Ching Road HDB block, which caused an elderly woman to lose her hand.

SINGAPORE: Jurong Town Council (JTC) on Tuesday (Oct 13) announced that it has appointed an Authorised Examiner to conduct an investigation, after a woman’s hand was severed in an accident involving a lift at a Tah Ching Road HDB block.

“Until the investigation is concluded, we cannot rule out any cause, including any possibility of technical problems with the lift’s safety devices,” said JTC in a news release.

"Words cannot express how sorry we are for the tragic injury and trauma that (the victim) Mdm Khoo has gone through. We will extend help to Mdm Khoo and her family in every way possible,” it added.

It is understood that Mdm Khoo, 80, was returning from walking her dog when its leash got caught between the lift doors at Block 322 Tah Ching Road as it travelled upwards. Mdm Khoo was sent to National University Hospital for treatment, but her hand could not be reattached.

Mdm Khoo's son told Channel NewsAsia he welcomes the Town Council's move, especially if this results in thorough investigation and prevents similar incidents from happening in the future. He added that he has asked the police if he could review the CCTV footage of the accident.