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Temasek Cares given additional S$60m endowment

The additional funds raise Temasek Cares' total endowment value to S$289 million and will support its programmes that build community resilience and encourage social change. 

SINGAPORE: Temasek Holdings has pledged an additional endowment of S$60 million over the next five years to Temasek Cares, a non-profit philanthropic organisation founded in June 2009 to help needy and disadvantaged Singaporeans.

This raises Temasek Cares’ total endowment value to S$289 million.

This move to increase its funding of programmes for the Singapore community was announced at a media roundtable held on Tuesday (July 1).

From the S$289 million, Temasek Cares has earmarked S$60 million to support programmes that build community resilience and encourage social change. Over the next five years, Temasek Cares will focus on helping to close developmental gaps of children from at-risk families, coming alongside families in the “sandwich” class, and develop crowd-sourced solutions to enhance community emergency preparedness.

One such future programme is the Kids Integrated Developmental Services (KIDS) 0-3. It will provide education, social, cognitive and health support to children from prenatal to 3 years old, as well as their mothers from at-risk families, such as those from low-income homes.

This brings Temasek Cares’ total endowment to S$289 million. In its first five years, S$22 million was used to implement 67 programmes, which directly benefited almost 17,600 Singaporeans.

Such programmes include the Therapy Outreach Programme for Pre-Schoolers (TOPPS), which provides early intervention support for pre-school children with mild to moderate development delay.

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