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The best thing about growing up in Singapore is...

All week, we have been collecting responses from you on what you think is the best thing about growing up in Singapore. Channel NewsAsia's Glenda Chong, Otelli Edwards, Steve Chia and Chan Eu Imm pitched in as well. 

What's the best thing about growing up in Singapore?

The Kampung spirit
"Growing up in the 1970s and 1980s... the relaxed, kampung spirit environment and good governance by the old guards that enabled Singaporeans to own their own homes and prosper!" - Jaswinder Kaur Gill 

The Pace of Life
"It was stress-free, less crowded, and the standard of living manageable." - Ng Teck Guan Winston

The Friends
"Having friends of all races and religions." - Chan Eu Imm, Channel NewsAsia presenter

"Having schoolmates of different ethnic backgrounds and also from different countries - Thai, Indonesian, Persian, Korean, Chinese-Swedish, not forgetting Malaysian - in a mainstream school." - Pauline Chan

"The best part about growing up in Singapore is that we live in a multi-racial society. Malay, Chinese, Indian or any foreigners living in Singapore - we are taught to put our differences aside and to work towards a common goal." - Fabian Kwok, @fknwh

The Unity
"Learning to be a good citizen, one who is exposed to various racial identities and cultures and most importantly, identify with one another as One Singapore." - Luo Junjia 

The Cityscape
"To see Singapore grown up from a slum-like city state in the 1960's to a modern, glittering nation with relatively good infrastructure, good sanitation and good transport system. My wish for our country is to sustain the present momentum without sacrificing the overall well-being of our citizens." - Gan Tang Lip

"People always say Singapore is a garden city. It's true. There's plenty of greenery around compared to other countries. There are many trees and flowers, which make you feel relaxed. Nowadays, there are many buildings and I feel very proud of the designs. They're so iconic, compared to the Singapore then. Also, it's very safe in Singapore - from the day I was born." - Annie Ong (below)

The Conservation
"We preserve our heritage, our story and our roots as well as we construct our future. As I pass the Old Hill Street Police Station (OHSPS) daily, it never fails to amaze me how fruitful our preservation vision has been. The OHSPS, which houses the Ministry of Communications and Information, is an example of our relentless protection and adaptation of national assets today as we push forward to a better tomorrow." - Ed Cheong 

The Safety 
"We live in peace. No war, no earthquakes, no typhoon, hurricane, etc. We are thankful and blessed for not having to experience these." - Siti Nor'aini A S

"No natural catastrophes, earthquakes, typhoons, twisters that can turn your life topsy-turvy." - Jj Lim

The Intimacy
Singapore is a small nation, but it's 'homely'. You go to places and you'll know everyone. - Taufiq (second from right below)

The Care 
"One year ago, although Ubi estate wasn't part of the HDB's EASE programme yet, HDB still heeded my request instantly to install a grab bar, rim for a wheelchair, and applied a non-slip chemical in my home. This was to prepare for my mother who is more than 80 years old, after she was discharged from hospital following a hip and shoulder operation due to a fall.

"National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan, the HDB CEO and Marine Parade town council officers came to visit sometime later. This happened last year before we started honouring the pioneer generation. We're ordinary citizens only. They truly touched our hearts!" - Danny Cheong

The Food 

"The food. Things like roti prata, char kway teow - those are my favourites, even as a kid and till today and as an adult." - Steve Chia, Channel NewsAsia presenter 

"We can enjoy any kind of food from all parts of the world on a small little island. So blessed to have such variety to choose from." - Janice Sng

"Having impromptu durian parties with family and friends at any time of the year!" - Yvonne Chan, Channel NewsAsia presenter

The Language
“Every Singaporean understands Singlish. For example: 'tak boleh tahan', 'go-stan', 'kopi C', 'wah piang!', 'jalan dah!', 'chope', 'kiasu' and much more. - Hamzah Osman 

"Tissue choping, the humidity, Teh Tarik and Singlish.” - Otelli Edwards, Channel NewsAsia presenter

"The Government making English the first language and allowing students to do a second language! I am so thankful that I speak English and Chinese!" - Samantha Lee

The Convenience  
"The convenience. Everything is at your doorstep, around the corner, and even at the press of a button." - Glenda Chong, Channel NewsAsia presenter

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