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Tired of rude drivers? Put a bow tie on your car

Singaporeans band together to start the Gentlemen Movement, a social initiative to get drivers to be more courteous on the road. 

SINGAPORE: Wondering why you’re seeing bow ties on cars in the streets? A movement in Singapore is taking off, aimed at making the roads a safer place.

The Gentlemen Movement campaign started in December 2013, but has only recently started making its rounds on social media. Their Facebook page describes the project as “a social initiative to cultivate and install road courtesy, patience and good driving habits in Singapore.”

MP for Tampines GRC Baey Yam Keng has also thrown his support behind the movement. In a YouTube video released by the group, he said, "For the record, we are not doing this for the Government, any movement or any council." 

The movement aims to put a bow tie on one out of every 1,500 cars – there are more than 970,000 cars in Singapore – signifying the drivers’ intent to be more courteous on the road.

The organisers are hoping to raise USD$15,900 (S$19,700) to help pay for the production of collateral for the movement.

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