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Volunteer Corps will help more to understand need for NS: Sitoh Yih Pin

The Member for Parliament for Potong Pasir said Volunteer Corps suggestion by the Committee to Strengthen National Service will help more people understand vulnerabilities facing Singapore.

SINGAPORE: Member of Parliament Mr Sitoh Yih Pin supported the suggestion by the Committee to Strengthen National Service (CSNS) to start a Volunteer Corps for females, new citizens and permanent residents (PRs).

Speaking in Parliament on Wednesday (May 28), he said National Service (NS) has been a "privilege and sacrifice exclusive to Singaporean males".

"Often, I hear of girlfriends and wives complaining that they feel completely left out at gatherings when their boyfriends and husbands 'zone out' and start talking about their NS experiences. Well, here is your chance not to be left out any more. Join the Volunteer Corps!"

By widening the NS commitment through the Volunteer Corps, more people who have a stake in Singapore can now also understand the vulnerabilities of the country and the need for NS, he said.

This allows for a more common ground and better understanding among more people, which can only be good for resilience within our society, Mr Sitoh said.

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