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Wearable health gadgets, robot pets for Singapore's elderly?

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore is keen to tap Japan's expertise in using technological innovations to improve the lives of seniors. 

SINGAPORE: Wearable gadgets that monitor your health, robotic legs, and electronic pets to keep you company - these inventions may soon be rolled out in homes, to help Singaporeans cope with ageing.

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) shared this on Monday (June 16), on the sidelines of a two-day forum that aims to use technology to improve daily living for seniors.  

More than 120 government officials, academics and business leaders attended the APEC TEL Workshop & 9th IAC forum, held at the Institute of Systems Science of the National University of Singapore.

IDA is keen to tap on Japan's experience and expertise in dealing with an ageing society. "In terms of policies, I'm sure Japan is way ahead of us as a "super-ageing" society," said Mr Amos Tan, Director for IDA's Strategy & Innovation Division. "We are not super-ageing yet, but today we have one in 12 citizens above the age of 65."

In particular, Singapore can learn from Japan's expertise in robotics. "That is definitely one area we can look at - how we can deploy some of these in a practical way for some of the families that need these technologies," said Mr Tan.

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