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Westgate glass doors 'safe': Mall management

Westgate mall's contractor has conducted safety checks on the mall's glass doors and panels overnight after a four-year-old boy was hurt when the door fell on him. The affected door will be reinforced.

SINGAPORE: Following an incident where a four-year-old boy was hurt after a glass door at Westgate mall fell on top of him on Thursday, the mall's contractor conducted safety checks on the glass doors and panels overnight. It confirmed that they are safe for use.

"All our doors are high-quality, laminated and tempered doors, well beyond the required code of just being laminated," said Mr Eddie Lim, the Centre Manager for Westgate mall at CapitaMalls Asia on Friday (Aug 8). "Yesterday's incident was certainly unfortunate. The door was being forced beyond the door frame, so it just gave way."

A spokesperson had earlier told Channel NewsAsia that investigations show the boy had over-extended the door when he swung it. It hit the door frame and detached.

​Going forward, the mall's management will install a metal frame around the glass door to keep the glass in place and prevent the door from being over-extended, as an additional safety measure.

Mr Lim has also visited the boy in hospital and says he is still under observation. "Pleased to update that the boy's condition is very stable. He had a few minor cuts at the back of his head. No stitches. He's very active and playing, so we're thankful for that."

Mr Lim says CapitaMalls has already arranged to foot the medical bill for the little boy. "The primary concern for us now and for the mother, is that the kid be well taken care of, (and for him to) recover well and fast."

Dramatic CCTV footage of the incident obtained by Channel NewsAsia has gone viral online, and the mall management released another video on Friday.


Members of the public expressed shock over the incident. "(Now) that this thing has happened, it will be on my mind and I will keep a closer eye on my kids, especially when they're near railings and glass panels," said Mr Raghu Nambiar, an F&B operations manager.

"I think this incident can happen anytime, anywhere. They didn't do it on purpose," said Ms Carol Guo, a childcare teacher.

Westgate is known as a family-oriented mall, with an outdoor playground popular with children. The mall's management is urging parents to keep a watchful eye on their children.