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Flight routes, the National Library Board, dengue and the recent Auditor-General's Report will take centre-stage when Parliament sits on Monday (August 1). Sixty questions have been submitted by MPs for oral answers and 23 questions for written answers.


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Use HDB flats model for healthcare facility: Fatimah Lateef

The cost and efficiency of such a model would be more reasonable than building a nursing home from scratch, said the Member of Parliament. 

SINGAPORE: Member of Parliament Dr Fatimah Lateef called for more long-term, intermediate healthcare facilities on Wednesday (May 28), and suggested using the HDB flats model for a "vertical step down care facility".

"One block of HDB flats has got between 100 to 150 units that could house at least a similar number of residents, seniors or patients," she suggested. "There are lifts that stop on every floor. It is elderly-friendly, it is disabled-friendly. There are toilet facilities in every unit, which is excellent for hygiene and accessibility."

The cost, she said, "will be very reasonable", so would the timing, compared to building a nursing home from scratch.

"We talk about productivity and innovation, well this is indeed about being productive and innovative," she said.

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