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'Soccer' trumps 'football', says Facebook

The term "soccer" was used the most in posts and comments about the sport during the ongoing World Cup competition in Brazil, relegating "football" to second place, according to statistics from Facebook.

SINGAPORE: The debate on whether to name the game "soccer" or "football" has been going on for a long time, but with more Americans tuning in to watch the World Cup, latest statistics from Facebook suggest the former is gaining the upper hand - or on the front foot.

According to data released this week, the social networking site operator said "soccer" was the most prevalent translation and spelling in posts and comments about the sport during the 2014 World Cup currently going on in Brazil.  "Football" came in second, while "fútbol" rounded off the top three, the company said.

Facebook also said Mexican striker Javier "Chicarito" Hernández's third goal against Croatia in the group stages generated the most number of people sharing posts and comments about goals. The second- and third-most talked about goals belonged to Brazil superstar Neymar Jr, when he struck against Croatia and Cameroon, it added.

Other fun facts include how a mention of "gol" in celebration of Messi's successful free-kick against Nigeria contained 20,400 occurrences of the letter "o". It would take roughly 12 minutes to type that amount of "o"s if one were to hold down the letter on the keyboard, Facebook said. 

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