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“Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics” takes franchise in new direction

Marvel Entertainment on Wednesday announced the launch of "Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics", a sequel to their successful 2012 turn-based role-playing game “Marvel: Avengers Alliance”.

SINGAPORE: There is now a new reason for bored office workers and students to be glued to Facebook – Marvel Entertainment’s new free-to-play Facebook game “Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics” (“M:AAT”).

The sequel to their successful turn-based role-playing Facebook game “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” (“M:AA”), which has attracted an estimated 70 million players since its launch in 2012, “M:AAT” takes the franchise in a brand new direction.

“M:AAT”, which is now live on Facebook, is a turn-based strategy game with mechanics reminiscent of classics like “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” and “Final Fantasy Tactics”.

In “M:AAT”, the player steps into the shoes of a commander who must recruit a team of superheroes to defend Earth, after a mysterious event causes countless parallel dimensions to collide, and superhero imposters to invade their world.

The roster of recruitable superheroes include Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk and Captain America.

Special characters like Loki, Task Master and other villains will become playable as the game’s story unfolds.

As before, players can improve their heroes by earning in-game currency and researching upgrades, but they now also have to think about how to best to upgrade their headquarters to unlock new upgrade options.

In addition, players must learn how to strategically position their heroes on the game’s 3D grid-based battlefield and engage their enemies, to make the best use of their powers.

Apart from computer-controlled enemies, players will get to pit their skills against one another in multiplayer battles.

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