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  1. South Africa's Zuma rejects reports his office is drafting emergency laws

    South African President Jacob Zuma has rejected local news reports that his office has started drafting regulations for a state of emergency, the ...
  2. What's wrong with a joke? Macron defends air-conditioning gag in Africa

    French President Emmanuel Macron has a reputation for disarming hostile audiences with repartee and humour, but his latest verbal jousting on a ...
  3. New vaccine, long-acting drug trials buoy hopes in HIV fight

  4. France's Macron seeks renewal of Africa ties, but old problems persist

    Barely six months into office, President Emmanuel Macron is already preparing for his third visit to sub-Saharan Africa. Yet while the energetic ...
  5. Chinese firm probes if children work in African mines

  6. Nigeria to take exciting crop of young talent to Russia